The First thing that’s going to kill you’re survival

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The First thing that’s going to kill you’re survival

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Please accept this offer for your information, I’ll also be sending out survival tips once a week; 

This E-Book will explain to you, you’re Anxiety and the triggers that start them and what to do, and how to fix the problem after all Anxiety is the first and strongest reason you’re attempting to survive will fail {” you will DIE due to ANXIETY’} so please by all means except this free E-Book on You Can Heal the e-book that will show you how to dampen your Anxiety triggers without medication. 

Please enjoy your E-Book

4 thoughts on The First thing that’s going to kill you’re survival

  • April LeDoux May 10, 2021Reply

    have a question. I have in the past experienced anxiety. It is crippling at best. In trying to figure out what causes this feeling in me, it almost always comes down to fear. Fear of being laughed at, fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear of the unknown. Will this handbook and guide cover the crippling effects of fear, and how to overcome them before the anxiety takes over?

    Thank you,


    • admin May 10, 2021Reply

      It’s a fact the very first thing first is getting the emotion of not being in control of the fear, the anxiety of it all once you get this under control you’re 2/3rds the way to survive.
      Thank you for you’re comment.
      Bill Wright

  • Alblue May 10, 2021Reply

    Thanks for your offer. I agree that anxiety and depression is a very dangerous mental ‘attack’. I’ve seen a lot of people almost try to kill themself because of a high level of anxiety. Although I currently not in a state of depression or experiencing anxiety, do your ebook also have some ‘prevention’ to avoid falling into such mental state? Thanks

    • admin May 11, 2021Reply

      Yes Anxiety is the number one reason for failure during the first day or so sp one shoujldstrive to you emotions in check.

      Thank You 

      Bill Wright 

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