The Hydroponic/Aquaponic Survival Green House

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The Hydroponic/Aquaponic Survival Green House

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When the Crap hits the fan;

What I mean to say is when you go to the supermarkets and because of the drought there’s no vegetables or the products they have is starting to rot in the produce section, all the fields are dry parched fire kindling, It’s happened in the past and the past always comes back to bite you in the south end of a northbound you yea you’re butt.

But there are a dozen other things that can either take or destroy the much-needed crops Look at the central country Hurricane-force straight-line winds flattened all the crop fields, tore down grain siloes just ultimate destruction of our food and the live stock’s food.

Dang the Eastside, no not just the East coast but the whole East side of the USA is literally getting blowdown and drownded by all the Hurricanes, I mean from Mexico to Canada HURRICANES!  more and stronger than ever recorded.

And oh my God the whole west side of this country is literally burning up I mean everything from homes businesses trees to crops if it’s not only directly burning them, all the smoke from the wildfires are tainting some of the crops like Californias grapes making them unuseful in my little world of razor edge survival a garden that needs nothing but what you give it. 

And guess what It’s going to get worse in 2021 in fact there isn’t any better in the future just look at the weather channel man just can’t wait you know what I mean

==>It Doesn’t Cost Anything<== 

Check it out step by step blueprint on making a self-sustaining Hydroponics/Atoponics system is designed for on and off the grid, it comes with detailed instructions on integrating solar panels for off-grid running {I also have other ideas for electricety} with this system you can have all the best-looking vegetables very quickly due to the fish emulsions and as the fish mature you’ll have a meat source also.

By fare is this any kinda new idea’s that some fella just came up with to make money In fact the Egyptians used it in all their gardens growing plants with fish, they just go together like stink on poop slick on ice you know what I mean it just goes together the fish dirty up the water and the plants clean it up. the fermenting wine or sugar water supplies the plants CO2 the plant’s air you need to do multiple containers CO2 is heavier than air so you need to plumb a plastic line and add downspouts every so often.

So indeed there is more than one way to utilize this garden we can say the garden you can produce veggies and meat with all gardens if you put a source of CO2 with you’re plants they will do better also more CO2 means fewer bugs they breathe oxygen just like us and if you have a really rich supply of CO2 bugs can’t live there, how do you get this CO2 Fermentation you bet the prosses of fermenting anything puts off excessive CO2.  you can through a bucket of sugar water into the enclosure through some yeast into it and there you go CO2 now if you like a little wine then you can put the good stuff going it produces CO2 also.

You see you’ve got a wine store vegetable garden and a fish market all in one and in you’re safe aria be it you’re Home, Camp, yes or you’re Cave yea buddy lets get off the grid and let society have it, as you can see when society fails you’ll have you’re head together, there are other things you can start learning right here at so don’t just stop hear check the other things out I know you’ll be entertained. 

==>check it out doesn’t cost anything to look<==

After all the more you know when you have a disaster the better off you’ll be. for you, you’re family, and friends you care to share with if you don’t want to share then charge just remember the cost will be different currency will have changed you’ll probably be charging their things are their service.

That’s right It’s free to check out even if you decide to purchase it’s very cost-efficient like $39.00 with all sorts of extras books like a cookbook for the fish you’ll be harvesting other than just vegetables this is great for any and all Disasters and if 2021 is anything like 2020 has been very sporting I believe anything you can get to help your life out before, during, and after a disaster is a wise investment why because it’s an investment to help make your life and you’re families life more comfortable in uncomfortable events.

These guys have come up with a unique siphoning system to prevent the use of electricity for irrigation it’s using the Bernoulli Principle high volume draws low volume hears a diagram of what I’m trying to tell you so you can understand they will explain it all in the program when you go in and check it out.

In Conclusion; 

While everyone is running around digging in garbage cans for any leftovers that are still good enough to eat for some kinda nourishment you’ll have a steady supply of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, and Wine so come on and bug out in style and comfort because it will be the norm like it or not the survivors will be able to adjust and overcome any and all adversities.

I believe knowledge, understanding, and supplies will be your savior every one of these ideas are just little keys to get you through the crap till his return God put these ideas on earth for a reason yes I feel if you take all that I’m trying to help everyone survive so we can be standing tall for our creator’s return.

I do know what everyone is thinking that I’m some kind of man that preaches all the time I’m just a normal man I believe in God and That Jesus is our savior but do I go to Church weekly no there’s a lot of the devil in the church also do I aggravate preaching christ no but I will let people now 1 time how I feel and how much I love god and that Id love to see them turn their lives over but that’s the extent of my Christianity.

But I do believe that a man that would offer his only son to crucified has to be serious about what his promises are, and his plan, you have just got to be ready for the ride and you might as well nourish your selves because it’s going to happen serious as you’re only kid hanging on a cross serious.

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William C. Wright

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