The Lensatic Compass Review

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The Lensatic Compass Review

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The Lensatic Compass is a Precision Delicat Military Interment constructed of military-grade plastic meant to the aid of finding your way around In unfamiliar arias to locate offensives during military conflicts and maneuvers or just to find you’re way out of the woods although the Lensatic compass is the best there other compasses that do basically the same function but without the absolute precision as the military version.

Parts of a Lansetic compass;

  1. Base
  2. Cover
  3. Graduated Straightedge
  4. Bezel Ring
  5. Floating Dial
  6. Sight Wire
  7. Short Luminous Line
  8. Thumb Loop
  9. Sighting Slot
  10. Lens
  11. Luminous Magnetic Arrow
  12. Fixed Black Index Line
  13. Luminus Sight Dots


The Lensatic Compass has been the right-hand tool for all military when it comes to land navigation It’s made of military-grade plastic precision moving parts nylon cored to keep from losing it a handy nylon snap pouch to carry until it’s needed The floating dial will find north very quickly and accurately a thumb ring for stability and leveling the instrument.

The dial, short line, and sight dots are all alumnus for use after dark it has a straight edge for measuring as maths on your map it folds up in a nice little package the sight glass folds in the instrument folds in half and the thumb ring clips it all together then the cord wraps around to fit the nylon pouch

==>Hears the best price<==

Handy for the hyke ahead of you. but when you get your target object and line up on it and get you’re reading it will never lead you the wrong way, this instrument has proven itself with time and never failing in leading troops to where their formation point is you shouldn’t be in unfamiliar areas without one

Here’s the basic layout of a Lensatic compass as I have described in the list but when there’s an offensive this little precision instrument will not let you down as simple as it is it’s worth a million dollars keeping you on track and not lost.

Like its proven, itself to the Army, Marien’s, and Navy for decades that’s what I meant when I said it’s proven itself by time used yes sir this little precision device has saved many lives being able to navigate its way out of harm’s way.

I’ll tell you something else with all their GPS’s and all their new equipment I’ll bet they still carry this very simple very convenient very precise instrument and I also bet the military still has classes on reading a Lansetic Compass it won’t, fail you even in an EMP attack if you don’t know check hear.

==>Check Out The EMP Attack<==

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with having one of these wonderful instruments if you don’t know how to use them, I’ve used mine even when I got turned around on a highway yes I carry one in my car.

In Conclusion;

I’ve tried to give you the most accurate review I can I’ve had many years of experience with this instrument and I’ve used some of my past experiences and research hope I’ve given you enough information to make a good decision on purchasing this great little bit of past technology.

Thank you

William C. Wright


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