Lost Art Of Hand Sharpening

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Lost Art Of Hand Sharpening

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The lost art of hand sharpening;

Verry nice Instructional on the tried and true knife sharpening Technik before automation.

Believe me, There isn’t anything more frustrating than a dull knife, and nowadays with all the electricity and modern items such as the electric knife sharpener’s and all but the only given on his earth in this life is being born and dying not if but when the EMP attack happens this will take all the electricity with no remorse.

And there isn’t going to be any electricity, you, my friend will still need a sharp knife you know they don’t stay as sharp as when you bought it, it’s a given you see you use it it will become dull.

==>Have A Look See<==

In Conclusion;

In the hole picture even if the worst doesn’t happen It’s nice to be out camping or just out on a barbeque you’ll know that useful art of hand sharpening the old knife.

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3 thoughts on Lost Art Of Hand Sharpening

  • Jbryce October 4, 2020Reply

    It is very good to bring back memories of the past ams and if is really good that you shared that of hand sharpening, it is very true that the art of this ancient heritage is lost and it’s a pity. Have sharpening is a very efficient way of sharpening blades and it’s good to hear about it.

    • admin October 4, 2020Reply

      Yes it is and to make them razor sharp is an accomplishment I mean you have sharp but then you’ve razor-sharp there’s a whole different world there thank you for you’re comment 

    • admin October 4, 2020Reply

      I’m glad you can relate I’ my self really have a pet peeve of grabbing a dull knife I can be quite offensive why to have a tool that won’t work just don’t make sense 

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