When All Hell Breaks Loose The Stuff You’ll Need To Survive With;

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When All Hell Breaks Loose The Stuff You’ll Need To Survive With;

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The Lost Ways Of Survival

There are so many things you can do;

First off let me tell you the preceding system Alive After The Fall, has everything a person will need to have knowledge of the upcoming events that are GOING to happen, why? Because God says that they are, this system’s contents are full of priceless information on the upcoming events.

==>Check It Out If You’ve Missed It<==

The hows and whys, and the training to cope with the emotional, and physical stresses of such catastrophic, and biblical events that will serve you till you get on you’re feet and gathered your gumptions and realized that this way of life is permanent then the teachings of that course had fulfilled its functions in which I believe in my heart that you would have perished by now without it.

There Are Thing’s That Can And Will Help;

There are things that can and will help make your new lifestyle forced upon you, by a biblical aggressor even more, livable and comfortable please read on.

I don’t know about you, but I, my self would love to find a way to get at least some of my modern convenience back probably not TV, Internet, or telephone, and without these, there’s damn sure not going to be other things like a way for you’re Docter to order any medications, X-rays, cat scans, or MRI’s.

==>If You’re Curios Check It Out<==

You know I know of a system that will move you up to where you’re living in the late 1800s to the early 1900s instead of the 1500s to 1600s This system’s going to take off where the Alive after the fall takes you to around the time of medieval times where they would bleed of most of the bad blood to get rid of any bad spirits, to a time our forefathers actually had a period of time the American native Indians were friends and gave us hundreds of survival tricks that the Indians showed us it’s called The Lost Ways.

There Are Dangers In This New Dead Country;

You have been locked up in you’re little compound flat out afraid to brave what’s out there to deal with, but you know you need to stray out and check things out in this new very dark world forced upon you and all the American society so as you walk around taking note of the destruction that is absent in the compound due to constant efforts of cleaning up and in you’re bewilderment of this once wonderful country, and your trip and sprang the old ankle, thank God Someone had downloaded this before the EMP attack and had maid this concoction explained if you’re not reading my warnings please at least stand-up and watch the presentation after all it cost nothing to watch.

In this presentation, the first thing he will show you is how to cook a wild lettuce pain killer, and please don’t try and cook this up until you’ve watched the video so go look it’s free, on what I’m telling you I’m just trying to show you how close you are to life-saving technology our forefathers had access to without the FDA’s false guidelines it’s to give you ideas of what you’ll have access to when you purchase this system The Lost Ways.

Just For Instance;

You take wild lettuce we as kids called it milkweed because when you break the steam there is a white milky substance comes out now we always thought this plant was poisonous due to the white milky substance, well as it is this is the start of some very strong pain reliever as strong as opiates just not control by the FDA.

You gather about 50 or so of the leaves put them in a pan just cover them with water and stare slowly cooking them till any of the fluid left is this black dirty concoction that to say non the less doesn’t look safe to ingest but the next step is to strain all the leaf matter that is what is making it look dirty, so you strain it you get this clean black silky substance which is runny and watery, so you need to put it back on the heat making sure during the whole cooking operation of this pain reiving Elixer not to ever let it boil it’s a slow cooking thing if it boils it ruins it’s painkilling properties.

==>If You’re Curios Check It Out<==

Now, this is just one of the lost secrets of this amazing collection of knowledge that helped our forefathers cross the great plains with great dangers overcome they had found a collection of life-saving medications, foods that would sustain a person for days even weeks with no refrigeration or cooking it they taught us to cook up and it will sustain you for weeks, or even months.

And still, so much more you really need to look at it will make surviving, and even living with nothing we used to have more liveable and even enjoyable, this Ebook has a collection of life-saving secrets that our forefathers almost took to the grave with them thank god they were smart enough to teach enough that a lot of them are here for you to learn from after all that’s probably the reason God made it possible to teach these things to give you that fighting chance of survival till he shows up because I believe in my heart that whoever survives these final days will be the chosen one’s.

And its, for this reason, I believe in my heart the things I’m showing you should be bought soon before it’s too late because if God says Go then everything is going to be different no electricity, no internet to be able to order these systems and without, your chances of survival are reduced greatly.

In Conclusion;

In the end, I want to help everyone be ready for what God has in store for us, and to try and help you learn how to cope with said Biblical disaster and the best way to learn and gather what you need to survive no matter what you need to use these functions in a fun and entertaining sort of ways like during camping or saving money around your house the list can go on forever with what I’m trying to show you throughout my post you can be ready for Hurricane’s, Tornados, Mega Droughts, Floods, Biblical attacks.

It matters not the occasion if you get these systems and tools as soon as you can because when the occurrences happen it matters not what the occurrences are it will be too late to do nothing but worry about the comfort and survival of you’re family and friends or you’re a community, and I believe that The Lost Ways. has a  mountain of Priceless information in and its a no brainer that this should be in you’re hard to copy Librairie, and I must add the way things are going you really need to have a folder with all the new survival systems on paper because the internet is “TEMPORARY!”, just read alive after the fallen.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


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