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The Lost Ways

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The Lost Ways

Let’s listen to what our Dad’s, Dad’s, Dad would have done;

If you don’t think what I’m about to picture for you couldn’t happen to you well then you haven’t driven across parts of West Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, Texas, Canada, and Old Mexico, or flew from 1 continent to another and what if that stupid aircraft crashes at sea or that ship sinks and you find an island to survive on, guess what the realm of knowing the things that this book The Lost Ways has to offer has taken on a whole new meaning, this Earth has places that you can get stranded or lost for multiple days, week’s, months and even years yes now days not just during the pioneer days while crossing this great land there are areas of this globe that’s rough enough it’s possible you could possibly twist an ankle break a rib strain you’re back, just what did our great, great grandfathers do while crossing this great Ocean colonized and crossed this great land?

==>Hears A New One I Just Found Check It Out Hear I Owe You This One<==

I know there is a lot of what-ifs, it’s my attempted to show you that as small as the price is on this one small Ebook it’s worth it, I don’t know about you, but I like to get out and explore, and if the opportunity hits, this old man is heading to unknown places, and shit happens just saying.

TheTruth Of The Fact;

You know you’re forefathers have had to have twisted ankles, strained backs, busted ribs, sprained knees, much like could and probably happen if stranded or lost anywhere I don’t much think they had that handy little pharmacy to drop by or that Docter’s with the prescription pads they had, so what did your Dads, Dads, Dad do they went to their local neighbors, which you won’t have the Native American’s, Yes the American Indian’s it’s really funny just a few years after all the help the white man had to ask the Indians far, then the white man got pissed the Indians got pissed and then all of a sudden those really intelligent helping souls turned into savages and our trusted friends became our biggest enemies of the time.

==>Check It Out There Are More Articles On The Lost Ways<==

 But not before he bummed enough knowledge to write this very informative book with many recipes, remedies, and survival tricks that helped us survive in the wilderness the book is being called The Lost Ways 

An In-depth Example of the importance of this Ebook;

You know we’re to the point where almost anyone can take a charter fairy, air transport, or personal boat of a nice size to the Bahamas Islands, and believe me there’s a group of them down there me being a native Texan so close to the Gulf of Mexico Know how fast bad weather can come up, mechanical problems that can either crash a plane or capsize a boat, to where you will find the need to locate a dry spot of land and most of us aren’t lucky enough for this to happen close to an inhabited island no but thank god if you keep you’re head together and remember the teaching of either The Lost Way’s and The Lost Ways 2 you can set up survive very comfortable until you can get help’s attention.

My Personal Thought’s;

Personally, the first thing I would do is a recon of your surroundings looking mainly a water source if you can’t find any springs witch on an island shouldn’t be too difficult or any vegetation that will hold the life-giving fluids, but if all you can find is pounds, lakes, rivers, and streams now from experience most commercial lifeboats have some sort of survival kit that should have some water purification tablets If not you’ll need to boil some water for purification, so there some of the other things you can be searching for on you’re little recon mission of the area you know lose firewood.

Hay how about some edible plants, depending on what you see to eat like mammal, fowl, or fish is hard to trap catch or kill you might need to search for lizards.frogs.and or insects, I know these aren’t your favorite choices well frog legs I don’t know are pretty high on the list of hell, yes but they are all much, more better than starving just saying.

Shelter And Advertisements;

Ahh and a place of safety and comfort, I don’t care where you’re at or how long you’re going to be there Island, Forest, Desert, Mountains, and especially cold areas, those three operations will help your survival not be such a traumatic thing if you’ll follow the teaching in these 2 Ebook’s so as you can see it’s probably rather important to go ahead and check these two Ebooks out it’s not like they cost a lot.

==>”You Need To Check These Out“/” choose your pick or both of them”<==

In my opinion, the next thing is advertising yes you have got to get away to let any unsuspecting aircraft flying over can see someone is stranded and needing help unless you have fallen in love with you’re new real state then by all means skip this section lol, but if you’d rather get back to civilization then, by all means, let’s get started on your advertising billboard yep you’ve seen it a dozen time.

And there are a bunch more movies than a dozen that shows these even cartoons show this needs to be very large bill bored you know, trace the words HELP on the sand very large like 10′ tall stack dry wood along with the tracings of help so any aircraft or hay maybe the space station will see it it’s a lot easier to be seen than it used to be.

There Is So Much More To These 2 Ebooks;

While you’re out and around gathering the materials needed to make this place toleratable, ou steps off into a hole and twist the crap out of your ankle, oh damn the pain well arent you glad you bought these Ebooks, I know #1 has a remedy that you won’t belive, now you have played with this weed a hundred times but I didn’t think you could get a pain reliever as strong as Morphine but not addictive and the FDA doesn’t even acknowledge it’s existence.

This magical weed is often called wild lettuce, as kids, we called it milkweed, you know that weed that grows in you’re driveway that when you pull it and brake it into there a white milky liquid that runs out, I always thought it and the plant wood be poisonous but as the first book show’s you can take that weed and take the leaves and blend them up till they are chunky.

 ==>Check It Out Its Part of One Of The Presintations<==

Just cover them with water and slow cook them till you get this black dirty looking stuff, take and strain all the plant roughage out it and continue cooking this black elixir till it’s rather thick ” Don’t Let It Boil it will ruin the strength, now this is the most powerful pain reliever of that time and it goes to show you that it doesn’t have to be addictive to be strong they used this to stop the pain in broken bones gunshot wounds, amongst other things but please don’t cook anything up until you read the book, the recipe is in the first book and it goes through it step by step we learned this little secret from the Indians.

In Conclusion; 

Are You Sure You Would Relay Want The Help Right Now?

I have tried my best to show you my thoughts on the lite side of what you should do in the event of being lost or stranded for extended times, extended there are telltale signs that something like these 2 Ebooks is very important to go ahead and purchase at least the first Ebook The Lost Ways it’s got enough stuff to learn, to get you through the worst like I don’t know and EMP attack. The Electro-Magnetic-Pulse weapon, now we’re talking the ones that own fire will survive anyway then if you feel like you just want to, or you feel as you need more hears the addon’s you’re looking for The Lost Ways #2 I might be too cautious, but believe me if and when any of this happens from being lost, stranded, or thrust back in the time of no power.

Since I brought this EMP thing up let me butt in, go here and check this out between this and the 2 Ebooks you’ll be covered for almost everything the only other thing can think about is the water supply and let it be known that these things mentioned in this post to add to The Lost Ways and are best if you’re a very long term and they are only suggestions.

{#1 item and #2 Item} with these systems and the book or book’s there’s nothing you can’t survive and survive very comfortably, I hope you have enjoyed the post and item of interest.

Please leave me a comment with any ideas, concerns, or just good conversation I will get back within 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright

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