This One Isn’t Man Made

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This One Isn’t Man Made

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Hi, Bill Hear;

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If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Soler Storms;


If a solar storm hits today it could impact specific parts of the world’s infrastructure, no not just America’s infrastructure, but the whole world.

No Russia will not be the guilty party, neither will China, are Isis, but each and every one of these groups’ poor countries will suffer just as badly as America.

There was a massive solar storm today, especially a solar superstorm, there’s an Indian scientist, that says this Earth infrastructure is very vulnerable do solar storms should be.

That the countries of Earth should prepare themselves if there’s a massive solar storm-internet apocalypse today, it will disrupt the Earth’s internet, across the Earth.

==>If you lose power or you just want to save on your power bill<==

You see I saw a storm has a massive potential her destruction especially when it comes to Electronics in the infrastructure of the world.

So if there was a solar storm big enough it would have a catastrophic impact on the Earth’s infrastructure that keeps our internet running.

The Internet Isn’t The Only Thing At-Risk;

But however, if the Electrical-digital infrastructure is destroyed, it would bring the internet down with it, do you realize what an internet outage in this modern-day and age would do.

Oh my God not only would it cause massive money loss, but it would also cost many lives, the internet is the backbone of everything that happens in the world today.

Including hospitals, airplanes, railroads, 911, all police functions, Banks, not to mention her Armed Forces will be working now after all the government has gone through a lot to link our Armed Forces, with the internet.

So it kind of looks like, everyone’s been worried about Russia China and Isis setting off an EMP weapon that is, an Electromagnetic Pulse

Now even if they set one-off, all it would be accomplishing is making us lose our electricity and internet before the sun takes theirs, and the good thing about that we would already be set up.

But even with these threats, nothing carries a greater threat of a mass outage than what our beautiful life-giving Sun, would threaten the electrical-internet backbone, of our society.

An Apocalypse;

For this reason, the world is very unprepared for such a solar storm internet-linked apocalypse, that’s right it’s not just the internet it’s our whole electrical grid.

Is electrical grid has already been documented in the case of past solar storms that were truly massive in nature, but not Mega in size.

Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi begins her research paper with this sentence, “Black swan events are hard-to-predict rare events that can significantly alter the course of our lives. The Internet has played a key role in helping us deal with the coronavirus pandemic, a recent black swan event. However, Internet researchers and operators are mostly blind to another black swan event that poses a direct threat to Internet infrastructure. We investigate the impact of solar superstorms that can potentially cause large-scale Internet outages covering the entire globe.

If This Happens;

If this Sun Attack happens, there’s not a heck of a lot we can do about the internet very quickly, but I do have a system that will help, it may not help to bring the internet back.

But it will help to bring our electricity back, at least on a personal note, until our internet gurus and electrical professionals getting the Electrical back up.

==>If you lose power or you just want to save on your power bill<==

But alas, the electrical is going to take years to get back to where it was today, but with my little backyard Revolution, we may not have the internet right away.

But we can have our electrical appliances I really doubt there’s going to be a television there might be a radio but without electricity.

There’s not only an absence of the Internet but there’s an absence of hospitals telephones railroads and our personal appliances.

Refrigerators air conditioners lamps some heaters, in fact, with the loss of electricity you might hope that your house is on propane, for cooking.

The Backyard Revolution will work on your personal needs very fine

All Utilities;

Electricity is used for pumping fuels, such as diesel, gasoline, propane, water, dairy farms, all factories, pretty much everything that we deal with nowadays.

Uses electricity or the internet, so the loss of either one would bring any country to its knees, yes even any world to its knees, especially after being used to having them.

Everything has changed over to using electricity and internet, and I mean pretty much everything Oliver utilities, we would be thrust back into the Stone Age.

With my Backyard Revolution life can go on, it may not go on like it is now, but as long as we have electricity, we’re not starting from the beginning.

Now like I said all utilities, this means our water is not going to be flowing out of the faucet, if it flows out of the faucet is just going to be temporary unless you’re on spring water.

There are Answers;

The water, water is a very large issue, when there’s no electricity to filter the water we drink and to pump it up into the water tanks you see everywhere.

There is going to be no water, now I have a system is called a Water Freedom System, although it needs electricity it just needs a touch to keep it going.

==>When The Water Stops Flowing<==

Now let me tell you when our life gets to this point everything we believe in is going to change, we’re going to have to watch everything even our water.

It’s proven over in Iran in Somalia when there is a bad drought, people start getting aggressive with each other, because after all,

Water is the one element that everyone needs to live on without water the human will only last about 3 days, and when his father is watching his family dehydrate to death.

You just can’t blame him he’s going to go out trying to get his family what they need to live, One More Item To Help, on that same note they can’t blame you, for wanting to protect said natural resource.

One More Item That Will Help;

I do have one more item that will help you, with such An apoplectic event, it’s not a new idea, in fact, a lot of it was learned by our forefathers The Lost Ways.

==>Things You Will Need When The Inferstructer Fails<==

From our Redskin friends, that’s right we wouldn’t always be at war with the Indians back then in fact it wasn’t for the Indians we may not have been able to survive over here in the Americas.

This last and final item that will help you during an apocalyptic power outage or internet outage, is called The Lost Ways and it’s an ebook.

It has helpful things in it like making a painkiller that’s as strong as an opioid, made out of wild lettuce, you might think you don’t know what wild lettuce is.

But most everybody on this latitude line as the USA has this amazing plant or weed growing right in you’re driveway, if cooked properly, will make a painkiller a strong as a Lortab.

Other Little Secrets;

There are also little secrets in this ebook The Lost Ways about a food that you can make for the trail that will last for days, weeks, or months, dang man, the Indians would carry it with them for their scouting expeditions.

And it was the only food that they would carry, the would carry it in their pouches or pockets, it has enough nutrition and vitamins that you can survive on it comfortably.

Busy book The Lost ways actually show you how to make this food actually shows you how to prepare the wild lettuce from painkiller.

It also has many many many other little secrets from back in the day of crossing the prairies, learn from the Indians are just good old-fashioned trial and error.

In Conclusion;

We hope that the Sun keeps its life-giving essence and that there are no EMP attacks or any other loss of electricity or the internet.

But if there is I’m here to try to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as it possibly can be, by supplying electricity and water will give you and your family the upper Edge.

And believe me, sir procrastination is not a good thing at this time in our lives, you kind of need to think about ordering these things as soon as possible.

Because it’s going to be instantaneous no matter if the sun throws out a major solar storm player, are some heartless country detonation EMP bomb over our country.

If you don’t have these three items before this happens believe me sir you’re not going to be able to get ahold of me without electricity or Internet.

Rank In Society;

I’m sure you will no longer have the upper hand in society, you will be like every other poor fool, leaving only from sunup to sundown, getting sick from food that’s not been refrigerated properly.

Getting sick for not being clean cuz you have no running water to wash you are your clothes, and if you get hurt, dang it man you’re just going to hurt.

Why? because you didn’t take advantage of the three systems that I’m offering in time, your survival will not be comfortable or relaxing, or pain-free if you get hurt.

It will be full of fear, anxiety, hunger, and pain everything that goes along with an apocalyptic scenario, our enemy EMP attack, or any other attack.

Leave comments with issues or ideas I’m always looking for ideas and feedback.

Thank You,

Bill Wright




2 thoughts on This One Isn’t Man Made

  • Cynthia December 30, 2021Reply

    This is an important subject you talk about.  We always assume that the government (or somebody) will be there to help us in the case of emergency…until they’re not. We saw the problems that arose in Puerto Rico and New Orleans when the roads were impassable and there was no way to help these people for weeks and weeks.  Now imagine if that was nationwide or worldwide.  You have my attention so I will be looking into these products.  Thank you for posting.

    • admin December 31, 2021Reply

      Shantay you are most welcome for my article, you know if it wasn’t in the news I wouldn’t write about it that’s where I get my ideas is a lot of them from the news.

      And even if it’s not happening right now my water Freedom system plus my backyard Revolution would save on people’s utility bills twofold.

      Thank You,

      Bill Wright 

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