Tips On Surviving Drought’s

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Tips On Surviving Drought’s

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How To Survive A Drought;

Why is this so important?

Remember this

Drought’s are bad but at least you can get a hold of some good old bottled water or that water truck with drinking water some have well’s.

But what if you’re not able to even get a drink out of a well the only water you get is thin mud or nun, I mean what if the water table is dried out like the red cross hasn’t got any bottled water to offer when water gets this scarce that people don’t play good with others, past drought’s started deadly fighting is not just between neighbors but hole communities, towns, cities, states, and yes country wide civil war.

After all, it has already happened, look back in history, you see the 2 words war and drought are and always have been forever associated with one another, like take Syria, and  Somalia indicate that these events have already contributed to armed fight’s, outbreaks, or sustained conflicts in both countries. 

Hay don’t let me slap you in the face but NASA itself has predicted 100 years of a Megadrought in the near future that will create shortages of water not city-wide,  not country-wide, but worldwide wide was talking worldwide of biblical proportions.

==>You Need To Check This Out it’s coming I trust NASA<==

What I’m trying to say you go to you’re faucet and the only thing you get is like really dirty water, all the wells or dry, water will become very presses, probably at least as Silver or Gold, if you do have an emergency supply, you, my friend needs to be on the lookout for luters desperate people resort to desert actions it might help to know a little self-defense or of the government hasn’t taken them a firearm.

But yes I do have an answer, other than firearms. there might be other reasons for a firearm but at this stage, it’s probably a Father needing help with his family, but believe me, at this time there’s no reason for firearms it’s bad enough to tell someone no because there’s not enough for you’re family much less his, and this is where the fight comes in maybe not right then but if the guy,s family doesn’t get any help, he is liable to be back.

If you and you’re neighbor don’t find a solution no man will let his family suffer and he will still to prevent this from happening, so what do you do there’s no running water, no one including the authorities cant tell you how to longe the water shortage will be. no bottled water to buy, damn all the creeks, rivers, and lakes “Dry” What to do”???? hay there was an old stagnant pond was right down that dirt road from your house.

==>You Need To Check This Out it’s coming I trust NASA<==

So you head down there, when you get there there are dead animals everywhere and a couple of people were amongst the dead probably there since before all the animals there was much more decomposition, the water had a film over the top of it and so low you could wade across it very slick bottom, so against you’re better judgment you grab a bucket to try to see if you can make it drinkable and try filling it without the film YUK!! and head home, you figure with a little boiling it will be safe to drink.

So you boil it for about 15 minutes at a hard boil then you filter it, man the crap that gets caught in the filter makes you unsure and not wanting to try it in case it’s not enough, you remember this pesty cat that’s been bugging you and you’re family for a few weeks so you figure you will let him earn his keep so you put a bowl out to check if it’s consumable.

You put the bowl of questionable water for the cat, it drinks the water in question he seams ok but you figure you’ll give it a night and see if the cat has survived, well the cat maid it through the night, oh so happy, you had put the rest of the water in your fridge for a better taste, so you get the water pour you’re self a cup of some refreshingly cool water damn the glass has condensation on the cup it looks so good, so you take a sip and damn that tastes like CRAP!!!, salty muddy flavor but you think to you’re self, better than dying of thirst, so you start trying to camouflage the taste of that water, with very little luck. but please don’t lose hope I’ve got the answer.                                    

==>Right Hear hurry when the power, & internet fails it won’t be there<==

This little amazing Water Freedom System will make water strait out of thin air, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the Mahabi desert, you see the air we breathe is made up of a lot of H2O, this isn’t a new thing it’s just new to the fact that its much more portable, cheaper, and easier to put together if you look around you might have the physical parts laying around but if not you won’t be out much more than a couple of hundred bucks the blueprint costs $48.79, now with this information think about it have a little for the site so you don’t look back with no water to drink, to bathe,  wash dishes, or even flushing you’re toilet, this device can give you all of that and more you can either sell water or sell the thing itself, you could be the savior of the time. 

==>You Need To Check This Out it’s coming I trust NASA<==

In Conclusion;   If you didn’t know, now you do NASA is a pretty big organization that knows about what the eath is doing they study it from outer space all the time and there is the tail, tail signs of this apocalypse pending its already happening if you’ll look around and now at least you have some good ideas on how to prep and handle this upcoming disaster’s yes I said disaster’s plural.

Be sure to come over and read the rest of my content and please.

Leave me a comment with any ideas you might have on something you’re interested in, to issues you’ve come across.


Bill Wright

2 thoughts on Tips On Surviving Drought’s

  • Collins January 13, 2021Reply

    i really enjoyed this article because it was very enlightening and also very educative as well. Many areas in the world today are prone to drought and this makes this article very important and also pivotal as well. I really enjoyed this and i also shared it with people as well

    • admin January 14, 2021Reply

      Thank you for the comment and I glad you have enjoyed my post because there is a bad drought forming as we speak and it will last for decades I hope the people you have shared this with will take wiring also 

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