Tips To Prevent Heat Exhaustion

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Tips To Prevent Heat Exhaustion

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Surviving Heatwave;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

Heat, A Stone Could Killer;

 March and April everybody’s looking for it, the Heat the good old summer heat, you know the good old strip down to nothingness, and play in the water.

After all, is plenty of to play, in but the drinking water is starting to suffer, yes starting on the West Coast but I promise you in the years to come it will spread to the East Coast.

Let’s break it down 71% of our world is covered with water most of it is saltwater 29% of our world is covered with cedar continents or Islands.

Here let’s break it down 95.6% of our world is covered with water mainly containing salt and saltwater wow 3.5% is freshwater either in Lake’s streams or ice glaciers and ice caps.

==>Check Out The Water Shortages<==

This is what the water was concerned with, due to it being quite expensive to remove the salt from the oceans man can pretty much have to rely on the freshwater on land.

So if you’re living next to the ocean don’t think you’re safe from any water shortages hear check it out.

Thinking About Osmosis;

When you drink water, a concentration difference takes place. Water from the outside of your cell moves inside to maintain balance. This is called an isotope.

Your cell membranes allow water to pass, through but not the particles dissolve in water black salt is normally an isotonic state, when you drink too much seawater,

The saltiness outside your cells will increase rapidly and the cells will force water molecules out in order to restore balance, so even if you are already dehydrated.

Drinking seawater will cause your cells to release more water and you will end up peeing out more liquid than you take in. Conversely, if you chug a massive amount of pure water, the exact opposite will happen.

One Way To Fix The Problem:

The saltiness outside your cells will decrease rapidly and water will be forced into your cells. This can cause the cells to swell and burst, which in extreme cases leads to seizures, coma, and sometimes death!

 So what can you do if you are stranded on a deserted island with absolutely NO fresh water around? the only and cheapest way is also.

The simplest way to extract fresh clean water from the ocean right is through distillation, which separates the salt from the water. In order to distill water, you must heat the seawater so it evaporates.

 Then you trap the evaporated water vapor until it cools and condenses back into liquid water. Kinda like the moisture on your bathroom mirror after a hot shower.

==>Check Out The Water Shortages<==

This condensed water will be free of all salt and 100% safe to drink and as clean and clear as my, Water Freedom System which won’t work in this scenario unless you’re boat drifted ashore,

With the parts to the Water Freedom System stored onboard.

There are Other Ways;

Other ways other than boiling seawater, man there’s more in that water than salt, their microbes poisons that fish expel, jellyfish tentacles break off in microscopic sizes

Float through the water and sting you, and like I said there are other ways to get drinking water, in the day the Aborigines people would taxing cloth around their ankles.

And run through the tall grass in the morning and collect enough drinking water to sustain him

And probably one other as I said just tied around your ankle starts walking through the high grass.

In the morning right at sunrise, make two or three trips every time get your clean container ring the water off into your clean container, and use that for drinking water throughout the day.

==>Check Out The Water Shortages<==

In fact, it seems as though the morning due is a good friend of yours, you can find large leaf plants that have a lot of dew on them and you can squeegee it right off the leaf into your container and probably get quite a bit of water that way.

So There Are Other Ways To Collect Drinking Water;

And of course, you can resort to the least cleaner way of getting drinking water, and yes I choose it well over seawater, that is running streams are great.

A lot of the filtering is done due to the water running over the rocks it would be a good idea to boil it unless maybe it’s a mountain stream that’s filtered through the mountain rocks.

But if you’re not accustomed to drinking fresh outdoor water, it’s not a good idea there are still some bacteria in there that our bodies aren’t accustomed to, it hasn’t built any immunities to it.

So well in a survival situation with little or no equipment to work with for filtration of the seawater, I believe in my heart good old freshwater from the ground, like lakes, and streams.

You know Barlett filter let it cool and drink it you’re going to need a good two hours for all this to happen cuz it needs to boil for a little while to kill all the bacteria.

Other helpful Items;

Hear yea go personal hiking, camping, and survival water filter hears a twin pack you can get more if needed,

==>Check Out The Water Shortages<==

2 Pack Water Filter Straw, Water Purifying Device, Portable Personal Water Filtration Survival for Emergency Kits, Outdoor Activities, Hiking.

You might say a Water Filter for Camping Travel Survival Backpacking, better than boiling and filtering.

In Conclusion:

If you are stuck, away from your dwelling or home, and away from any potable water there are ways to gather good clean drinking water with little or no effort on your part.

Yeah if you were at your house and there was a drought on the water was out of course has a perfect system for that it’s myBackyard Revelation but you’re not going to have this comfort.

With this amazing little system, you need a little bit of electricity to run it but there are so many ways to get good clean fresh drinking water without all of that if you’re out on your own.

But with this Water Filter Straw, there’s no need for any electricity dang you can carry in your pocket if you get thirsty and you found a pretty clean looking stream get your drink.

Please leave a comment on any ideas, issues and I’ll be back with you within 24 hours.
Thank You,
Bill Wright 


2 thoughts on Tips To Prevent Heat Exhaustion

  • Kwidzin August 14, 2021Reply

    Thanks for much for sharing this very interesting, article with us all here today. I found it to be a very well written and informative piece of work and an interesting read. Unfortunately the part of the world where i live, (Scotland), we get all weather’s in five minutes so never have to worry about the heat here. 

    • admin August 15, 2021Reply

      Maybe not but surely do you handle a break in your water bill, or if you like to go camping you can save some money not getting a camping site with running water you’ll have your set up with you.

      You see the things I fell on my side is just as much for camping as they are for survival, I’m not only got my freedom water thing I’ve also got an electrical signal system that you can use either surviving or camping.

      Thank you for your comment sir you have a wonderful day.

      Bill Wright 

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