Ways To Start A Fire For Survival Camping.

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Ways To Start A Fire For Survival Camping.

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How To Start A Fire For Camping;

The Link Between Camping and surviving;

Here you go, you could have taken a boat, after all, you just had this decision handed to you for the aircraft just died so the pilot had to ditch the dam thing in the drink see there you should have taken a boat, after a couple of days adrift you drift up to this island noticing that it’s inhabited so, of course, the first thing needed is a fire for drying out, maybe warming up, and definitely signaling but Damn it the only lighter got lost while trying to save your self and the pilot, you fond some soggy matches, damn it don’t you wish you could build a fire without all those modern items, tell you what just keep reading and see there so much more than lighters and matches.

You know nowadays there are a hundred reasons to start a fire, be it for Camping or Survival after all this is the reason we like to camp is to get back to mother nature, to learn, and enjoy certain activities of Camping, Hiking, Hunting,  and Cooking that’s being to be one of the lost activities, you take all of these and put them together you’ll have the definition of Survival, this is the link I’m talking about and amongst these activities of camping, surviving, and cooking You have a great need to have a fire.

Now there are many ways to build Fires I’ve got some ideas for you but I want to show you how to start one without the lighter, matches, and flares lol Hears you a wallet optic fire starter. or there are other ways, Take this 6 in 1 survival knife it comes equipped with a fire starter, this cool bracelet that is maid to be with you all the time it’s built into a bracelet its name is Firekable Paracord Bracelet, Last but not least this cool little free Everstryke Waterproof survival Match.

One needs to learn;

Look at all these nice little Survival fire starters but like a lot of things done for you like these click to fortune websites even if they do work it’s always good to learn the in and outs of websites and all just in case you’re stuck in a situation of needing to know something in word press well if you had taken your time to learn it from the ground you actually learn how it is and there’s less of a chance of getting scammed. so on this note, I’m going to attempt to explain and show the best way to start a fire from scratch without matches, without lighters just you and three pieces of wood now this is learning a life-saving skill.

You look around to find a piece of wood about 2″ or 3″ wide about 2′ to 3′ long take your Buck 110 knife, You take your Buck knife and carve a trench in the flat piece of wood about 1 1/2′ long about 1/8th” to 1/4th inch deep, then take you a stick

about 3/4′ to 1′ long take you Buck and carve a chisel looking end on it you know with the slanted end and a slight edge, then you take the flat piece of wood with the groove carved in it, take the chisel piece and set the end in the groove and start slowly and firmly pushing it and pulling it back and forth after a few minutes you’ll have some wood dust form along the groove.

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You take that wood dust and make a small pile at the end of the groove at the end, when you push your chisel firmer and faster the stick will keep adding to the pile of wood dust, and before you know it you have a small portion of the wood dust smoldering, you carefully take the smoldering wood dust and add some larger kindling take it to pick it up very slowly and carefully and start easily blowing on it and bam you’ve got a nice little start of a fire, take you’re a larger pile of burning kindling and add it to some small sticks and leaves before you know it you’re going to be sleeping next to a warm fire yeah buddy.

The fire is the most important part of any encampment of recreational, survival styles right up there with water because you might and more than likely will need to boil some water to drink during all this you need to concentrate on the shelter’s during all this you cant forget substances to consume for strength. 

Or just maybe you could call a dragon, this could be more helpful than you might think we just got to find that Dragon Have you seen one? oh damn, anything is possible when you’ve been out in the wilderness for extended periods of time and way hungry than needed if you could just start a fire aha I hear you don’t have to cook insects so hay what would you like a cooked squirrel or raw grubs, now this is a hard decision, I think I want to learn all there is about building a fire with or without a fire source.

Or do you really want to leave for a while? Just think about it wow maybe a week or so OK. 🙂

In Conclusion;

Hear yea go you have learned of and can get a hold of 4 convenient instruments to start a fire when needed all very cheap and portable, from carrying these fire-starting items in you’re wallet, in your front pockets, or around your wrist, and just in case you don’t have, lost, or messed it up you’ll know the hows of starting a fire without and outside fire-starting apparatus, so if no one else is ready they can call you, you can be the fire superman of the campsite.

Leave a comment with aye Ideas, concerns, or desire’s and I’ll go out of my way to get any items or fix any problems, post any new stories.

Thank You

Bill Wright

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