What Is Aquaponics Gardening

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What Is Aquaponics Gardening

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Practical Aquaponics

The garden that will carry you;

You know with all this talk of a pending EMP attack, Mega Drought, Floods, Hurricanes, and of course Tornadoes any and all of these can and will take, the foods you need to live on, not quite as important as water but just as crucial to have, after all, it’s hard to function when you don’t have the energy to even move when you’re famished.

You know that if you lose your power like an EMP attack Electro-Magnetic Pulse it’s not going to take very long for all the produce to wilt and go bad right in the supper markets so here ya go I do have a gardening system that is 10 times faster, produces 10 times more plants than a typical garden, which will also furnish fish as they rotate out, so where else can you find a system that will furnish vegetables, and fish now if this isn’t a survival garden then I don’t know what to say.

Grow 10x more;

That’s right this gardening system will Grow 10x more of this amazingly tasty and healthy Organic Produce in the same space. Use 90% less water and save 70% on electricity with this Life-Changing system.

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Dear Friends,

I have a friend that’s going to explain it all to you.

How would you like to know the secret that would allow you to grow organic plants twice as fast, save up to 90% of water usage? and you don’t need to water your plants, ever you don’t even need soil, no weeding required, there will be no soil-borne pests and no diseases to worry about.

Isn’t that just awesome, no weeding required while everyone else is busy working their sweat out, planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing, and more weeding, you will be gardening from the comfort of your “growbed”, Which simply means you do gardening standing up, not the back-breaking way no more squatting to work on your garden.

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The amazing thing is you can grow 10 times more plants, in the same area you would need in conventional gardening, this means you can grow much more with lesser space listen if you are on the lookout for an easier, faster, and more effective way to gardening. then spare the next 5 minutes to read on.

This could just change your life forever;

First off just what is aquaponics? Aquaponics life cycle

Let’s take a look at the aquaponics life Cycle, In a nutshell, Aquaponics is a revolutionary process that combines aquaculture and hydroponics to grow fish and plants together in one integrated system minus their negative effects.

In this system, the fish waste is converted into Nitrate (a natural fertilizer), by means of the microbes that exist naturally in the system, plants just thrive on nitrate and that’s one of the main reasons why plants grow faster and bigger in the aquaponics environment.

Fish also grow happily and healthily here with a continuous circulation of clean and fresh water in the system, the plants and microbes have that covered, and the best thing is this is all happening naturally.

Have you ever wondered why fish in lakes don’t need filters like fish in aquariums do?

It’s because its wastes are stagnant and consumed by the bacteria in the water and that’s what a properly set-up aquaponics system will do for you, there are also no chemicals used whatsoever. that’s what makes this system so awesome! it is really a Revolutionary Breakthrough, although this technology has been used for centuries it’s like the other system I have The Lost Ways, it’s forgotten knowledge of our ancestors in which we’ve learned how to integrate it into these more modern systems that won’t work as this amazing system workes aquaponices gardening

The practice of growing plants along with fish actually dates back to ancient Egypt and in the mountains of China, now days there are other countries that use this Vietnam flor one folks in the University of the Virgin Islands have re-discovered and experimented with Aquaponics and have got encouraging results.

The process is simply revolutionary, plants grow 100% to 50% faster, and you can grow up to 10 times the plants given the same space in conventional planting, this is how it works, basically, it turns normal gardening on organic turbo-boost as it feeds rich natural nutrients to your plants 24/7, all year long, folks have started catching on to Aquaponics in recent years and had converted gardens and entire commercial farms to the system, this makes perfect sense given the benefits of  Aquaponics

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 This is all being taken care of by the mini eco-system. That is what aquaponics systems are really, Safe On Space;  Less land area is required to grow the same quantity of crops in comparison to traditional soil methods, Easy To Set Up for year-round use compared to traditional gardening methods which are very climate controlled.

The vegetables, Taste Just Absolutely Amazing, you get delicious, healthy, absolutely chemical free USDA approved organic food, no Weeding or Hurting Your Back And Knees, Gardening, the grow beds (where the plants grow) height are normally set at, or just above waist level, that’s why you do not need to bend down to harvest your produce”

No Soil Grown Pests To Worry About; 

No soil-grown pests to worry about no damage from soil-grown pests and diseases, because the soil is not used in Aquaponics”

Hi, his name is Steven Fu, some of his friends call him The Aquaponics Guy and as an Engineer by trade, and combined with a passion for aquaponics, like me, he’s always constantly on the lookout and experimenting with better ways to build and grow with aquaponics systems. In fact, this man has spent countless hours and dollars testing and perfecting the Aquaponics Garden improving on the system.

Improving aquaponics systems, when he first discovered Aquaponics, the engineer and perfectionist inside of him, drove him to purchase and study every aquaponics book he could spend his hard-earned money on, he meticulously studied every design strategy, took part religiously in forum discussions, and listened to every aquaponics “expert” who offered advice.

new and improved siphon design;

But I was not happy with the results that he got and experimented with various aquaponics systems to fulfill his hunger for knowledge, he needs Input, he’s even tried and tested numerous siphon designs but they are either unreliable or just “not user friendly” to build, his background in the Aviation industry and a Boiler Engineer paid off. Working with the “Bernoulli Principle”, the relationship between velocity and pressure exerted in a moving fluid, I came out with his new and improved siphon design. and one day the old light bulb hit his head. 

It came to him a wake-up call, you see, when he was studying for his MBA there was one VERY important thing he learned and that was, “There,s not one system that fits all, when it comes to management, The same is true when it comes to building an aquaponics system, and everything else in life for that matter.

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I have since successfully built and operated numerous aquaponics systems, and am pleased to share with you today, NOT one but, 3 totally Unique, Efficient, and Effective Aquaponics Systems using his new Breakthrough Siphon Design, it took him many hours, money, and a lot of sweat to compile all the information, recording, testing to come out with, a DYI Aquaponics for you.

So that you can successfully build your very own aquaponics setups without going through the learning curve and costly mistakes he has made, by simply,  “Following the step-by-step instructions in his detailed training manual and aquaponics plans, watching “How to” videos that walk you through the entire set up so you can simply ‘copy’ what he does.”

==>You Just Want To Know More Check It Out<==

With this DIY Aquaponics 4 You system, you will be growing your own organic food faster than you think possible, the fact is, when you undertake to build your first Aquaponics system, what you need is a resource that has been tested and proven to work.

Hears What You’ll Learn;

  1. How To Build & Operate 3 different Aquaponics Systems; Continuous flood system with Media Filled Baskets, Media-filled bed with timed flood & drain system and Media-filled bed with flood & drain system with our new Siphon design”
  2. How To Design Your Own Aquaponics Systems; You will know how determined the pump size, water, fish & tank ratios and the volume you need,  and everything that you’ll need to know.”
  3. The Secret To Our Proven Siphon Design; He’ll teach you how to make this simple and yet reliable design that he has spent hours of research on.

In Conclusion; 

I’ve tried to show you that you really need to go ahead and check it out, buy it, set it up, and get some of the best vegetables, and fish, you have ever tasted, growing right there in you’re back yard so when the for sure happens, you’ll not have to worry about vegetables or fish you see you’ll have the best vegetable garden and fish farm for meats around, so you see if you have the Aquaponics system you’ll all the veggies, and fish to eat.

I know for a fact you’ll never find a more unique garden system you’ll find anywhere, which will grow vegetables, and fish yeah buddy.

Thank You

Bill Wright

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4 thoughts on What Is Aquaponics Gardening

  • Aly May 4, 2021Reply

    Thanks for sharing the details of aquaponics gardening. I have heard of this for a while but wasn’t sure if it was something that I would be able to do at home. I don’t think I have the space to ever be able to get my own fish from home, but I could envision something on a much smaller scale that could provide food for the table. Thanks for sharing these resources!

    • admin May 5, 2021Reply

      please check this system out you don’t need that much area after all how much area do you need for some gold fish LOL Thank you for this comment also Aly 

  • Cogito May 4, 2021Reply

    Hi Bill. Thank you for very interesting article. I have garden for years and I know how much water and effort is needed to growth healthy plants. TO be fair I have never heard before about Aquaponics systems, but looking on your review it seems as a revolutionary way to run a garden. Its not only cheaper and better for environment, but also it will  allow to growth food faster. Definitely this is something I need to check in practice.

    • admin May 5, 2021Reply

      Thank you for you’re comment and don’t forget to enjoy some of the fish you’ll have 

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