What Is The Lost Ways Of Survival

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What Is The Lost Ways Of Survival

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Just Want To Visit & Talk About Survival Or Prepping;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying.

So Please Come Read And Enjoy,

But To Just To Discuss;

I just set down and give my thoughts, and I’d love to get yours back through my “Comments section.

This is a time we can just open up, I can explain and show you where and why the items on my site can be used, we can get ideas from each other, so please feel free after all.

We do have the freedom of speech. don’t you know, I fought for you to have the right to even write to me and tell me you think I’m full of it, I’m hoping not LOL, But it is you’re right.

My very first thought on this subject isn’t in agreement with a bunch of people, feal if you don’t get yourself prepared to some extent you’ll be sorry, one of the best pieces of literature to have would be, Prepare To “BUG OUT” In One Afternoon.

Now to what extent you should do this prepping is up to you, like a bunch of other things, It’s a personal thing and depends on how unsupportive you feel about your government.

==>The Way It Was Check It Out<==

And this new President we have, I just might kick my prepping in the ASS! LOL, another piece that will be invaluable. it’s a collection of secrets from our forefathers, The Lost Ways.

Just What Are Your Thoughts;

My thoughts on Survival, are a complicated subject because when you talk about Surviving you’re talking future tense, sure we can take about surviving the present but it’s a little late then.

When you’ve got stuff like this looking at you in the news Nearly 14,000 Scientists Warn, that Earth’s ‘Vital Signs” Are Rapidly Worsening, At first, it sounds a lot like the start of a bad joke.

Now Just what do you think brings together 14,000 scientists and 1,990 jurisdictions in 34 countries? unfortunately, the punchlines of the climate crisis are anything but funny.

In a new report, experts have issued yet another warning about the state of our planet, and this latest update is truly devastating so everything I post about is either from personal experiences.

News or I have read and studied about, to help you learn, teach, train, and supply for, any and all disasters, man-made, natural, or Biblical but it’s very seldom.


First, I would like to look at my reasons to prep, most everyone thinks prepping is for some life-changing attack like the EMP attack which means the Electromagnetic Pulse, I will touch on this in a bit.

But right now to me prepping is being ready for any and all disasters, that being Natural, Manmade, and Biblical, if you read all the studies you’ll find out the final thing.

It Will be, world war #3, which will be won by our opponents, now this is a wide-open comment, Opponents, just have you not been reading the news about China and Russia.

Now do I think Rusha, will be the one, no I’m not that much into it but do I think Rusha might sell, the technology, they have been working on, which is the EMP wore head.

This thing is meant to be launched over the USA and detonates miles above US soil, thus within seconds, and one of the most powerful nations on earth will be shoved into, the 1700 hundreds.

It Means More;

Prepping means one thing preparing for, Disasters so this should open the Phrase up a little bit preppers, or prepping now everyone always wants to buy one of those, Survival kits, or survival knives.

Now, this is all good, but for what these things are good for is if you just break down in a car, boat, airplane and all you need is some items to keep you alive during a small disaster.

==>The Hole Set Up Check It Out<==

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, that one needs a kit but it’s much more than just a huntsman belt tool, that has multiple tools for just such disasters as a flat tire or a clogged fuel injected.

It means more than a pouch with a few survival implements but by all means please interrogate one of these survival pouches, into you’re Survival/Camping Kit

You have this EVERLIT Complete 72 Hours Earthquake Bug Out Bag Emergency Survival Kit for Family.

Be Prepared for Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunami, Other Disasters (2 Person Kit) by Everlit, this kit has everything you will need during any.


Of the disaster you could possibly come across, it’s a positive additive to your survival kit, In one, you’re scratching you’re head and asking what the hell is this guy talking about, a survival kit?

I have explained this in a past post but a survival kit is all held in a small trailer like a U-haul trailer that has been taken out for commission, you know it might need some small repairs.

You know one of those small ones, while you’re doing the repairs you really need to, make it where you can hook it up to a 4 wheeler also, and to make sure the door lock is in good shape.

Because when this important part of you’re survival is all right there, be it a short period of a power loss, flood, drought, Hurricane, tornado, or any disaster survival scenario.

Just hook up to you’re survival kit or you’re camping kit, they both mean one thing you’re going to be bugging out, it’s either needed or wanted, makes no difference, you’ll be out of you’re comfort zone.

The Next Thing In Order;

A Plan, an idea of what needs to happen, and on this list you should be appointing tasks to different individuals, believe me, this will make the preparation of said outing.

Be it camping or surviving, delegating these chores will, make it quicker and earlier to get bugged out and easier, to start enjoying you’re camping trip.

Just a thought you need to keep the survival pack to the back of the trailer, just in case I know it’s the preppers thought, you know just what will we do if there’s an issue that might happen.

I don’t know a drowning, boating incident, car or motorcycle accident, how about just flat out lost, or whatever is swimming around in your brain, the scenarios just keep going on.

You see to be repaired to survive you will definitely be ready to camp, so if there are any campers that think preppers are silly, then how does it feel.

Campers Versa Survivalist;

If you don’t have a nice set up home and you have a stocked pilled root cellar, and land to work with this doesn’t mean you’re going to lose.

In fact, you will have an advantage, you can do just like the infantry, never in one spot long enough to get caught, the advantage of having better areas to occupy.

==>The Hole Set Up Check It Out<==

But if you’ve got that nice comfortable Home you have something you have to defend and for the most part, defending yourself can be easier than protecting a dwelling.

With all, I talk about in my articles you could live that Jypsy life very comfortably, and believe me if there’s an EMP attack living as a Jypsy will be the best way, Just saying.

In Conclusion;

I just wanted to talk and get to know some of my parents, on a little more personal, and dearly hope that you guys want to participate in this discussion.

My next article or the next will be a discussion on one or more of the ingredients in the Survival/Camping kit, please by all means if you want to buy in and give you 2 cents worth be my guest.

In this article, we discussed the differences between camping and surviving, unless you have a home there isn’t much difference between the 2.

And the differences between a survival kit in which they sell, with all the survival tools in it, and that I think they are great but only as a part of my Camping/Survival kit and the differences between the 2.

Just kinda threw in there something about delegating the transformation from comfort, and Camping to, on the edge surviving, just a bit extra, camping will definitely help to survive.

It’s having a good time Training.

Hear yea go Leave a comment with concerns, ideas, and just flat out bonding with one another. 

Thank You,

Bill Wright,










    2 thoughts on What Is The Lost Ways Of Survival

    • Millie "Pioneer Kitty" Zeiler August 14, 2021Reply

      In my opinion, anybody who doesn’t prep for the unexpected is literally setting themselves up for disaster!  And, when doing so, they need to consider every variable!

      Most people are not prepared!  And, among some who think they are, probably left out a few considerations such as theft and even life-threatening situations as unprepared people will literally turn into savages when it comes down to bare bone survival!  I’ve personally watched people who are typically good-natured go into barbarian mode the moment they feel their own life is in jeopardy!

      This article is really good at covering issues people really need to look into as the conditions of this world continue to hurl new obstacles our way!  I also know there’s more to come, which is why I know it’s vital people are as prepared as possible in order to overcome them!

      • admin August 15, 2021Reply

        You’re right this world is turning for the worst, things will keep getting worse, and you’re right people do tend to lose their Humanity when things get sporting.

        But my system the Lost ways teaches you everything mankind learned timing this beautiful country of ours United States.

        Thank you for your comment.

        Bill Wright 

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