What Is The Lost Ways Of Survival

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What Is The Lost Ways Of Survival

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Great, great grandparents could have given great advice;

If you would have, and even could have listened to them they learned it from the school of hard Knox live or die nowadays hard to us is damn they don’t they have the right bread, or when did they stop carrying the iPhone 6, they don’t have that asperin, not my husband is sick who knows what to do he is going to die or I wonder if that water is safe to drink.

Truly our threshold of needs has changed a bit. back in the day this plant is called wiled lettuce, the pioneers called this plant, we as children used to call it milkweed, because of this white milky substance that oozed out when you broke the stalk, now we were always told it was poisonous.

Strong pain killer;

 But after listening to this video I have found out this white milky juice that oozes out of these plants is why the pioneers called this plant opium lettuce it carries a very strong pain reliever in it although not being copied the FDA doesn’t even acknowledge it’s existence, but prepare it by cooking it down into an elixir, which is a very black thick substance is as strong as morphine this is the elixir you get after preparation this book explains all.

==>You’ve Got To Check This Out <==

Our for fathers Lived very comparably with what God gave them, and with this book of what our for fathers took to the grave with them we’ll be able to live very comfortable even with what the EMP attack will take witch will leave us with exactly what God gave our forefathers to exist on everything except Electricity in witch God explained to his followers what it is and how it is formed back in Jesuses just show how true and accurate the bible is to the day it has taken us this long to understand it and work with it.

It Will, Take Seconds to take it all away;

And it will take seconds for all this to be taken away, Transportation, Communication, Light’s, Running water, Medications, functioning Hospitals, Bank’s, Air plains will drop out of the air, Trains will just slow down to a stop, I mean everything electrical we depend on and take for granted will be taken away not just for a few hours, not a day, not a week, months years or more this is what we’re looking at when the EMP weapon will send this hole country back to the settler days in seconds.

At first, there will hundreds of people walking around in dismay hoping the lights will come back on soon while the food in all the stores and household refrigerators begin spoiling bottled water will run out there won’t be any power to purify it or bottle it if you were lucky enough to not have been driving your car when the weapon goes off and the old car still starts it will run out of gas soon enough.

It will be devastating, I hate to say this but the only ones that are going to come out in this case scenario will be the ones that have been reading studying learning, and supplying for this event hay the good word you can get all of everything right here in the Lost Wayes so much more than some pain killer.

Other things to be learned; 

How to Make Pemmican – The Ultimate Survival Food

Invented by the natives of North America Pemmican was used by Indian scouts as well as early western explorers. These people spent a great deal of time on the go and depended on having portable, high-energy, highly nutritious, and filling foods that would last for long periods of time without refrigeration.

Click HERE to Learn How to Make Pemmican The Ultimate Survival Food

This lesson has hundreds of Native American foods and tricks that our ancestors learned from the true Americans they weren’t always savage Indians, we lived together until the white man witch are farmers now are the ones that started the white and Indian wares, English, Spaniards, just to mention a couple after they were out of the picture thing kinda went back to the ways of the pioneer.

Among ways to make food cellars, self-feeding fires that last all night, you actually get 24 lost survival hacks from 100 years ago that has been lost for so long and in the very near future will be the most needed information of the last 250 years because of the fear and knowledge of the idea of an EMP attack please you can go here and learn more on this topic of an EMP attack.

This isn’t new news God talked of this unknown weapon that will be used on the new Babalon just study the Bible it’s all in there don’t take my word take our Lords word he talks a lot about it in Ezikial 38, among other chapters like Jeremiah 49:27, Isaiah 17,

After all our great president Donald Trump knowing or not set the first of this part in a frightening biblical prophecy exactly as the scriptures predicted naming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,

The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your army, Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets,6 also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah. In the latter years, you will come into the land of those brought back from the sword and gathered from many people on the mountains of Israel.

One needs to look at the map known by the prophets at that time to understand that to the north of the Caspian Sea, we find the people known as Magog inhabiting the land known as Rosh.

Over time, the ancient name of Rosh became current-day Russia twice, Ezekiel says that Magog will bring his armies from “the extreme north” (Ezekiel 38:15; Ezekiel 39:2) to the border of Israel. When you look north of Israel on any map of the Middle East, and guess what nation you’ll find? That’s right – Russia.

Non-other than President Ronald Regan, a devout Christian, said many times that he truly believed Russia to be Magog according to Ezekiel.

in Conclusion;

I could Ramp on about this forever, I have more than one article on this and I do believe it’s going to happen not maybe but will, after all, to send his only son to the cross sounds pretty much like God doesn’t play around you really should go and check this out The Lost Ways before he makes his next Paige happen.

 At this time you won’t be able to get your hands on this, and only God can tell you when it’s going to happen, so come on the ones that have the knowledge to survive all his raff and it’s not going to be pretty but you will be the ones to go through the pearly gates and I do believe this to be a fact.

Also, it seems that Biblacy speaking Rusa and the new Babalon America is to be at war this is why all these years there’s been friction between Rusa and the US our 2 beautiful countries so Biblikly speaking you really need this information in this book.

Leave me a comment question or concern I’ll get back within 24 hours.


William C. Wright




5 thoughts on What Is The Lost Ways Of Survival

  • Jbryce October 2, 2020Reply

    This is very good article, reading through this today has been a real great help to me and I’m so blessed to be able to understand it as it is. It’s very true that Jesus is the truth and the way and the only way of survival and the only way to eternity joy and happiness. Thanks

    • admin October 3, 2020Reply

      thank you for your comment this country was conceived under God’s rule the more they take his name out thew country and the school’s the worst it’s going to be for the new Babalon 

  • Jackie October 4, 2020Reply

    Oh, this is a good one for me to read and I am also reading it on a Sunday which makes me even happy with the content of it too. I feel blessed to see this and I agree that Jesus is the true way. I like how you used that palnt as an illustration as it takes me back to my childhood days.

    • admin October 4, 2020Reply

      Thank you for the comment the plant is milkweed when you break this plant there’s a white milky looking substance that runs out it has a pain killer in it that’s as strong as Morfin the book explains how to cook this substance out to get this very strong pain killer out  

    • admin October 4, 2020Reply

      yea but that plant makes a pain killer as strong as opiates I’m Glad you enjoyed my content and thank you for the comment  

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