Why America So Divided- a wet and dry Revolution

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Why America So Divided- a wet and dry Revolution

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Why Is Our Country So Divided;

Hi, Bill Hear;

Please be aware that I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate, although I enjoy writing my articles, as you read you’ll find affiliate links to items of interest, for camping or surviving,

If you decide that there is no better way to make these operations, easier or better be my guest, but if you decide to purchase said items I will receive a small commission,

Which in no way will affect the price, your paying, my next few articles on razor edge affiliate, is going to be more of a pleasurable Reed.

Trying to show the effects on global warming west side of United States to the east side of the United States and also that the United States isn’t the only country feeling the effects of global warming.

So please enjoy your read;

Who Knows;

But who knows when one side of our great nation is dry and burning up, will meat the other side of our nation which is drowning and blowing away.

There is a common factor, it’s called global warming, for sure and for certain global warming has dried out to West Coast, giving it to when’s off of the Pacific to enhance the fire potential.

And global warming has warmed picking it up the Atlantic north to south as close to the same temperature as it can which is stopping our North Atlantic current, yeah that’s right believe it just like the day after tomorrow.

So in this case scenario really makes it a sporting event to teach train, and supply both sides of this country, with just 1 item this is where our civil war comes in.

==>When The Water Comes Out Of The Faucet Brown<==

Are we going to be taking each other’s lives? Probably not by combat, the more light by need and desire our West Coast is in dire need of water.

And our East Coast has a way overabundance of times but most of it’s not drinkable so you have to figure that factory in, it is definitely a paradox.


If you start on our West Coast and I do mean all of the West Coast from up into Canada, all the way down into Baja Mexico, as far in as Colorado all the way in west Texas.

From save the east side of Colorado takes a line all the way into Canada all the way down in Mexico.

Extending all the way over to say a hundred miles west of the East Coast.

There is elevated thunderstorms tornadoes, and even inline winds twords the center of the country off weather pattern weather like spring weather.

Seaming like fall weather in winter weather seaming like summer weather

Then pretty much the last layer runs the whole Atlantic Coast from South America all the way up into Canada we have this hurricane issue,

And it is directly due to climate warming in the North Atlantic current slowing down to stop last spring summer and fall was just overloaded with major hurricanes.

==>Check It Out The Secrets Of Our Grandfathers, Grandfather<==

Not to expect any less this year so far, so just how do you talk about teaching Trane Supply anything to do with this kind of scenario.

It’s Not Only Here;

After all, the name is “GLOBAL” warming, no we’re here we may be calling it The stopping of the North Atlantic current but it’s a given ninety-seven percent of the Earth is water.

All the curves are hooked together so if the North Atlantic current slows down and stops stands to reason.

Forf all the currents around the Earth are going to slow down and stop.

Such a strong guess all in masses Nations and countries are having off whether to extremes, and my friend is not going to get any easier, kind of mentioned this in the Bible.

You know when I first started this website Razor Edge Survival I was told you should only have one part of this to recommend,

Razor Edge Survival is really no different it does have one main item to offer, this main atom is my Water Freedom system.

Start With The West;

Because in my heart I feel if you have to survive any scenario, water is a crucial element more so than anything like if you run out of water 3 days later you’re in a world of hurt.

And in these dry places, if you don’t know where to look, turning water can be a sporting event but you can find water anywhere even in the desert.

After all ants, horny toads snakes scorpions all of the desert creatures still have to have water, I’m not going to get into great detail on finding water “here if you have time check this out”.

Know the website that is devoted to surviving comfortably and enjoy life even runs into a paradox when it comes to selling just one part of a niche.

==>When The Water Comes Out Of The Faucet Brown<==

It’s very difficult for me to sit here and say that my water Freedom system is going to be the only thing on my website that I can sell.

The problems with only one tool;

From personal experiences, do you have my water Freedom system, this system will draw water straight out of the air absolutely the cleanest and purest water you can find around the Earth.

If your community draws water out of a light or Reservoir what the Colorado River has to be sterilized filtered and treated before it can be funneled out through the population.

And if you drill a well sure the water may be filtered out and probably some of the cleanest water on the planet.

Then who’s to say what kind of bacterias are on the earth on the way, to you’re well.

I mean for a planet that is more than 90% covered by water, good clean drinking water can be Sporting to find.

When you do find it you can’t just drink it nowadays they have these Nifty little water filtering straws big enough to carry in your pocket.

But you know for the life of me I just can’t put all my trust in that,

==>Check It Out The Secrets Of Our Grandfathers, Grandfather<==

I personally still feel like the water should be boiled after collecting, now the filtering straw is good after that step to filter all the impurities out, but I just can’t trust it with the bacteria.

The reason;

The reason my water Freedom system is so much cleaner and pure is because it’s taken straight out of the oxygen we breathe.

Still in a gaseous state until is condensed, and believe me the only impurities this water will get, is from your neglect or ignorance of taking care of your water.

This brings up another point about the items you have to sell on any given website, I don’t care how many tools you have on your side there’s always going to be a shortage.

And for us, survival scenario tools can be a life-or-death situation that lamb you need to cut that boat you need to loosen that screw you need to take out.

I’m sorry this isn’t one of my key items, but it is a very important item, your belt carried Leatherman all-purpose tool it has more uses in a Swiss army knife I guarantee.

I’m not going into great details on this little tool because it’s pretty well self-explanatory and it is a brainer if you don’t have one you really need to get one, “Here Check It Out”

It Never Fails;

Get this dang Water Freedom System all to put together, and darn if it won’t need a bit of electricity to make it operate, now if you’re lucky enough, and you can stay in your dwelling.

This may not be such a needed thing, but it will be very handy, now as you can see on the way from west to east the importance of these items I’m giving you will change drastically.

Like a 180° turnaround, just keep an eye on it as I go through the post.

So you found out that you need electricity to run your Water Freedom System for the life-giving substance they can be quite contaminated or lack of on Earth.

==>Check It Out The Secrets Of Our Grandfathers, Grandfather<==

This tool can be as important as the Water Freedom System, it’s the Backyard Revolution, the concept is it new they use it all over the world you see it everywhere.

Solar Panels;

You know you’re driving out across Countryside and you’ll see it Acres of these things collecting Sun turn it into electricity energize and towns and communities.

The operative word there is Acres of, even a single-family dwelling, needs a rack of solar panels it’s about 20 ft tall and about 40 ft long facing the Sun.

But my Backyard Revolution covers an area of about 12′ x 12″x 48″, and this little bad boy starts supplying electricity just as soon as you hook it up.

And it supplies enough to carry your whole household refrigerators washer and dryers air conditioners lights stereos TVs medication is like this at better carry a CD player also LOL

With no moving parts and I do emphasize these moving parts because I do have another electrical source.

Electrical Freedom System;

I carried this for months I thought it was strange, and cool all rolled up in one because it runs off of compost, yes virtually a never-ending power source, but for survival it has it’s downfalls.

One big downfall is it had moving parts the air pump and the generator, in the second big downfall after a couple of weeks of running it will run out of fuel and you have to restart.

In an ordered restart you have to open it up fill it back up with compost a little bit of water little bit of time only about 2 or 3 hours probably.

==>When Electricity Is More Than  A Luxury Check It Out<==

Now the big hooker you have to have a touch of electrical power to get the thing running and in my eyes for a survival scenario, especially if your out away from a safe place,

Knock out in the middle of a freaking desert, with a dead car battery, is the main reason for my Back Yard Revalution and if your at the house and you don’t mind the restart thing, this device is really unique.

And could do a very good job, but for survival my Back Yard Revalution is a much better survival electrical source.

One More Very Important Tool;

Hey you travel across this great country you go from one zone to another on the West Coast the most important need is water, these people have a heck of a dilemma going on with water.

As you notice the first two of my little survival kit is my water Freedom system, now you going to the center Northern parts of this country in Deep South The Focus turns from, water.

To this other little too little that I have for my survival site, attorney course called The Lost ways, now the Lost ways is an ebook gathered by this man for more than 10 years.

It carries secrets that our forefathers learned from the natives of this land, that’s right the Indians, no we weren’t always enemies when we first got here it was as it is today.

Although the Native Americans are taken care of much better than it was back then they were pretty much taking care of us so if anybody has complaints about the help the Indians are getting.

==>When Electricity Is More Than  A Luxury Check It Out<==

Read my eBook The Lost ways thank the good Lord above this race of people was in this country when we got here because I doubt we could have claimed it.

The Lost Ways;

Like I was saying The Lost Ways has collections of Secrets of survival their forefathers learn from the native tribes of the Americas in trial and error.

It has things like making a very strong painkiller out of wild lettuce where are all the kids in the United States call it milkweed that’s found in your driveways.

That’s right you take it to skim leaves off of it slow cook it down to a black ooze filter it to clean black hose and you have a painkiller as strong as morphine or any opioids.

Things like a snack that you can carry in your pocket that will sustain your life for weeks even months the Indians scouting units used to carry these snacks in their pockets.

There is a given recipe for this snack food which I have gone over and another post this my friends is another no-brainer, with the way things are going these secrets are going to be needed.

Things like a self-loading large loader for your campfire, this in so many more things in this ebook,

Things Are Starting To Turn Around;

You see as we go east the need for water is still there but the need for electricity outweighs the water at this time yes hurricanes tend to mess up the water supply.

It puts you greasing Oil and Marine waste in toilet water poop pee and everything all in the drinking water, so yes water is very important on the East Coast after a hurricane.

But the water you can get a hold of pretty easily during a hurricane my water Freedom system is just a luxury cross hurricane damage is very temporary Within I’m on 6 months to a year at the most.

But the electricity will be the Here and Now, cuz you saw even my water Freedom system even needs a little bit of electricity to work show my Back Yard Revalution Is the way to go.

If you had read some of my other articles you surely have the Backyard Revolution stored in a watertight storage container, or your camping/survival kit.

==>When Electricity Is More Than  A Luxury Check It Out<==

Which is a small watertight used Uhaul trailer, which should contain everything you’ll need, for surviving and or camping, where getting these natural anonymizes.

From the global warming, we created,

In Conclusion;

It’s a given, it’s all over the news, the Earth is in hurting as we speak, there’s mega-drought building momentum, on the west side of our country,

Heading to engulf the whole country from the west, from the East, there will be worsening Hurricanes which push seawater inland contaminating the good fresh drinking water.

The bad thing about it is it’s just going to keep getting worse, as the client temps climb, and the North Atlantic current slows slower and slower till it stands at a standstill.

Now this current is our climate regulator, it helps to keep the storms at bay a bit, it helped to keep our north not quiet so could, and helps bring the spring is followed by the life-giving summer.

It helps to keep our southern half not quite so blistering, so as you can see there is no way to tell just what’s going to do, so all the items you can put in a survival/ camping Kit will be needed.

Thank You,

Bill Wright


5 thoughts on Why America So Divided- a wet and dry Revolution

  • MIchel September 17, 2021Reply

    It is certainly scary what is happening to the world now with global warming and other human-created conditions occurring. I think it has given humanity a huge wake-up call, and we all need to strive now to try and go more green in our everyday living.

    You have given some great survival skills here for getting the basics if you don’t have them like water and even electricity. It just goes to show what a little innovation can do. Congratulations.

    • admin September 18, 2021Reply

      Yes ma’am it is very scary what’s happening to the world, Finn the human population is at least 75% at fault, now the sun throwing off its solar flares, and this and that mankind is innocent.

      Valley solar outburst they’re saying the next one has the possibility of not the infrastructure down around the world, now this is much worse than an EMP attack from one country,

      Does an EMP attack one country more than likely would just kind of centralized on one possibly two countries unless they hit in Europe, then there will be multiple countries.

      But what I stand for on my side is surviving the surviving comfortably and enjoying yourself while doing so, the more you study and practice your survival scenarios.

      The more enjoyable and comfortable they will be.

      Thank you for your comment,

      Bill Wright

    • Lynda September 19, 2021Reply

      I most definitely believe global warming and climate change is real. It is my belief too that the environmental disasters can and does wreck havoc on our environment. Being these are human created disasters imho I think it would be helpful if relevant organizations help their local govts create and pass legislation that prevent future damage. Since global warming may cause drought, flooding and more. Therefore can make it much harder for farmers to grow crops.

  • fityourselfbarre September 17, 2021Reply

    Global warming is a real threat indeed and running out of water would be fatal to all of us! Not only that, all the disasters we are witnessing are warning us that it is gonna get worse. We do need to prepare for our survival. The water freedom system is a great tool to have for the worse case scenario. Thank you for this informative and helpful article!

    • admin September 18, 2021Reply

      Yes, ma’am global warming is real, and also yes ma’am the North Atlantic current is starting to stop create weather issues that nothing nobody on this Earth is used to.

      It’s going to turn into a sporting event to survive through this without good clean water and electricity the Lost ways these new upcoming weather events he’s going to be very uncomfortable and possibly deadly

      Thank you for your comment,

      Bill Wright

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