Why Build Atmospheric Water Generator

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Why Build Atmospheric Water Generator

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Knowing God’s Plan For Your Life

Hard times a-coming;

We are looking at some hard times, There is stuff like the coronavirus, overabundance of earth quacks, and a group of tornadoes, and the hurricanes are way ahead of the amount

We usually have this, this time of year, and don’t forget the earth quacks floods, droughts and there’s always that fear of the proverbial attack on American soil.

All of these are dangers that are really there, and each one of these catastrophes is a definite threat to the one substance the Human race. Can’t do without for more than 3 to 4 days and it’s not food, electricity, Hay maybe it’s the Cable, don’t laugh I do know people that think this way, but it’s not any of them, it’s the water supply true you can go 3 or 4 weeks without food, a very long time without electricity, but if you cut off or contaminate the water supply you.

==>Check This Water Generator out<==

Can survive for not more than 3 or 4 days without this substance. you’re in a really bad predicament so please give it some thought before the crap hits the fan and You can’t get it anymore I mean have you gave it any thought what really happens to the water you drink, the water you cook with, and the water you shower with when a Hurricane comes in you get all the seawater flooding everything and yes even the drinking water gets salty sea water in it, There’s sewage in the water you drink fuels from the service station’s storage tanks all flooding your water supply. Then you’ve got all the bottled water gets used up Then you have ANARKY, I mean self-control gets taken over by self-protection.


This is already a happening thing, the Earth is changing not in a good way that I can see at all, the B, S, we are pumping into the atmosphere not only is there more Hurricanes, floods, and Heat which is working the other way, DROUGHTS.

Right, here in the good old U.S.A. were losing very large lakes, Like our very own Lake Powell. Believe me, the U.S.A. isn’t the only country having these problems it’s worldwide as our lakes and streams continually keep shrinking, It’s going to keep getting worse and worse before you know it, the fish will start diapering there will large boats laying on the lake’s bottoms “where” a quantity of clean drinking water there will be armed guards watching over it and you will be shot if you bother it in any way.

The crops are going to suffer the live stock’s going to suffer as a matter a fact all the vegetation will suffer don’t even mention the fishing will also suffer, damn it all, I like my fish, the old drinking water thing is going to suffer and mutate into like Gold, people will be fighting over this free stuff at least it’s free right now but you put a strain on the population and there will be fighting, Farmers and Ranchers will be guarding and killing, For their water.

Dang, it all we’re looking to habitat the moon so we can start looking to other planets that the Human race can go screw up, just like our own beloved Earth yap they even say there are ice caps on the moon now isn’t that something now the way I’m looking at this if we, the people that’s headed for this and we are.

I can’t say how soon, but it’s not looking too good at all like it might happen before were expecting it, the way I see it we are probably looking at this in my life, I feel like it’s too late to figure anything out so I feel we’re screwed.

And I can help you with this problem I do believe, survival is kinda a hobby of mine and when I got to thinking about this I went to, Exploring the net and asking questions and no one could give me any good advice that made much sense until I stumbled onto this little personal invention.

This 57-year-old farmer from Fresno California came up with this small personal invention that has the capability to help with this ongoing problem were facing, were going to start suffering people think this silly Corona thing is bad just wait till mankind, starts suffering do to the Water shortage’s worldwide, yes even countries like the UK, America, China just to mention a few we are going to call the farmer Chris Burns a prophecy.

Chris has a relative that lives in Macon Georgia that had done work with the military on this problem, Chris and his uncle Phil got to gather and came up with a device that will draw fresh drinking water right out of the air we breathe with this device you can draw water out of places like the United States, France, India, and Mexico places with a Drinking water conflict zones this device works on a simple condensation principle, It sucks in humid air and cools it down much like an air conditioner, but a lot more efficient… it transforms the condensation into fresh drinkable water. Cleaner than our bottled water and the faucet water, and a little cleaner than spring water.

Now, this device had some sporting redesign, Issues the first design was way too expensive, so they put their heads together and came up with this water Generator to gather for about $270.00 and about an hour of time to build this device that can supply an abundance of clean, fresh, Drinking water without all the boiling and straining which does not ‘t produce as clean water as this system promises.

They tested this over and over with the same overabundance of clean drinkable water which is enough to sustain you and your family happened Over and over without fail you know we might be missing this after a while, which will be devastating but, probably won’t have to lose out of this unbelievable device, this farmer and his uncle came up with, Like I was saying the cost is about $270.00 now wonder if that’s including state tax’s just kidding I live in a state that does that primitive English thing no offense England just making a pitch lol anyway back.

==>Check it out for much more intel<==

To the subject, Chris has made an e-book that I have access to. it explains everything you need to know on materials, and directions to build this life-saving device, along with other specials you’ll have, not only the freedom Water System, But you’ll have access to Back Yard Miracle Farm, and Patriots Self Defense, I have tried to be as informative as I can when you click the link for this amazing water generator you’ll learn so much more.

Please be my guest come on in and check it out after all if you don’t need or want you don’t have to purchase, but you’ll have to agree it’s a must-have if you’re in need of some free really clean drinking water.

Leave a comment on the post, product, or any questions and I’ll get back to you.



4 thoughts on Why Build Atmospheric Water Generator

  • Energy Kadango September 7, 2020Reply

    Water is life, without water there is no life. Nothing grows in the desert because there is no water. This water generator is a brilliant idea extracting water from the atmosphere. This is useful and appropriate technology which should be circultaed world wide in all areas without water. The cost is quite affordable. What i did not pick up is how you power the generator. Does it use gasoline? Otherwise this quite excellent technology which should be shared by all. I am going to share it in all my circles. Thanks

    • admin September 7, 2020Reply

      Water is life and is under distress even as we speak were talking good clean drinking water. this gizmo has to be operated by the sun, I have a portable electric freedom system all you need to do is pump cool water on to a hot surface for steam and a capture pan to collect the water the steam produces. please come on back and let’s talk  

  • Jason September 7, 2020Reply

    This is absolutely fantastic. Drinking water has been a major concern of mine for a couple years now. This product will save me so much space where I have a water stockpile in my basement that will probably only last me a couple weeks at best. I can’t wait to build this. The instructions are very friendly to people with very little skills. Thanks for the information, I’ll be passing it along to my family and friends. 

    • admin September 7, 2020Reply

      Thank you for you’re great comment please share with all friends and family you’d think they might need this life-saving device please be my guest and come on over for visits and training or exchange ideas  

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