World Water Shortage Facts

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World Water Shortage Facts

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Water Shortage United States;

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Look It’s Not Just In The United States;

Put my friend just not just the United States suffering from water shortages and droughts, even our brothers north of us are having major wildfires and water shortages.

Over in the European countries, Africa and all the surrounding countries are all pretty much in drought conditions, Mexico in the peninsula are also in a drought.

==>Check It Out Don’t Be In The Dark<==

It’s like this if we don’t start doing something about this drought, is going to turn into a major drought worldwide, there is going to be famine and civil Wars.

Fighting with your neighbors and amongst your Countryman when the water gets short so do people’s tempers after all water is the first thing that will keep you from surviving.

Like after 3 days you will pass due to dehydration, which means all your vital organs are shutting down believe me this is a miserable way to go.

The Aquifer Is Worldwide;

Just what is the aquifer, well the aquifer is a very porous spongy top rock it lies just beneath our water table, and in fact, the aquifer is where our water table gets its water from.

Then all of our rivers lakes streams and ponds, get their water from the aquifer, I can’t give you tell-tale signs from overseas cause I don’t live overseas.

But if you look around in the United States you can tell the bigger part of the west side of the United States pretty much burning, they don’t get rain for months on end.

The Colorado River is at a record low, I’m talking major footage below its normal depth, now what’s so important about this Reservoir you wonder.

Well, pretty much everybody from California to Colorado, from Canada South to South part of California get water and stuff from the Colorado River.

NASA’s Studies;

With all their satellites, NASA has been watching and studying the drying climate in the west for a couple of years now and has come up with, a Megadrought is immanent.

==>Check It Out Don’t Be In The Dark<==

When the water goes to these lows there will be fighting a civil war to speak of could and would have a strong possibility of popping up after all when a man’s family is threatened with dehydrating, he will fight.

I mean after all look at small you India and Iran this area was in the Civil War and pretty much still is and most of it is due to a water shortage, you might say a Megadrought.

And it has been going on for years and that’s what is headed for the United States at this time, a Megadrought isn’t something that’s just going to go away after a year’s time.

A megadrought will be with us for years, I promised my friends this kind of climate change is coming we need to find another way to supply our personal drinking water.

I have the answer;

You see the way I see it the only way we can help a Megadrought or any drought is to stop using groundwater, let the groundwater be used for fighting fires, irrigating major crops.

But as far as personal private water consumption for the upkeep of your family, you know showers drinking cooking yeah even Watering your lawn and washing your car.

The system I’m offering will handle all of that with ease in any climate just set it up in this beauty will start sucking water ride out there and it’s been known to supply a full working household.

The name of this system is the Water Freedom System, this isn’t a new system by no means the United States armed forces have been using this technology for years just don’t do much larger and more expensive scale.

==>Check It Out Don’t Be In The Dark<==

You see if you went ahead and got it now you can go ahead and hook it into your residential water supply probably pretty much do away with your water bill.

Just Think Of The Help You’ll Be Given Our Earth;

Yes I mean even if one person hooks this up and starts using the water coming from this system instead of groundwater it’ll be a little help.

But think about it what if all the residents got one of these and hooked up to their house water what do you think that would do for the groundwater under, do you think that might help her make a drought?

Well, I think it would cause when I’m talking household water you got to think about how much water is used in a washing machine.

How much water is in a pool how much water do you use to take a shower or bath I know cooking uses minimal water compared to the examples I just gave you.

==>Check It Out Don’t Be In The Dark<==

But every little bit will help, I can see where a man can make a profit off of this, you go ahead and buy the system purchase parts and start charging people to show them how to set this thing up and get it to work.

And If Anything Else Happens;

I, myself would consider a very large profit here, one reason as to why are you getting out of this Water Freedom System is the cleanest water that you can ever get purified by man.

You have the power you buy the parts sell your system, and charge to set it up and get it to running for them and man kind.

You know like any disaster how many hurricanes come in and take you drinking water tornadoes can come in and take you drinking water.

==>Check It Out If The Worst Happens<==

And worse comes to worst if there ever was an EMP attack I know this all has to do with electricity but without electricity, you have no water without electricity you have no a bunch of stuff.

But you can be prepared to lose the water $39 that’s all it cost, and with the help, I’m trying to give to people if you’re late you’re dead.

In other words, if you don’t get this ordered while there is electricity and internet in any other item that is for sale on the internet you will lose out and possibly lose your life.

And if you’re concerned about electricity I do have a system for that it’s called the backyard revelation, I’m mentioning this because in order for this water Freedom system to work you need a touch of electricity.

In Conclusion;

Just trying to show you what’s in our future I mean it’s more than just my word you have the Weather Channel you have NASA and a whole slew of other scientists studying this Megadrought.

I do feel in my heart that if we can start getting people to use water from the air instead of groundwater possibly these drop conditions may just turn around.

==>Check It Out Don’t Be In The Dark<==

Maybe our beloved Colorado River will start filling back up, maybe the crops on the west coast won’t suffer so much, but I do feel in my heart it’s going to be a group effort to make this work.

Like I said earlier there’s a lot of money to Baby made in supplying people with air-water instead of groundwater did a person can make a very good living switching everybody over to the

Like centuries ago if they knew about this water Freedom system the drafts they have had had, probably wouldn’t have been so devastating.

There has been a water shortage since long before Christ and I’m guessing there’s going to be a water shortage for decades to come, but mankind being the Superior race on Earth.

I feel it is our duty to try to fight this upcoming catastrophic disaster and yes it would be considered a disaster, and what do we do for disasters WE SURVIVE them comfortably.

Leave a comment was any concerns or ideas and I’ll be glad to be back with you within 24 hours.

Thank You,

Bill Wright

2 thoughts on World Water Shortage Facts

  • Barbara August 14, 2021Reply

    Hello, Bill, Just read your blog on the shortage of water. Yes, there have been droughts in some places in the world since the beginning of time. It has been a long time since I was in school and learned about the hydrologic cycle and what makes floods in some places and droughts in other places. If we knew that, it would make it easier for man to self-regulate the use of water.

    I had never heard of the Water Freedom System before. Sounds interesting. I have a couple of questions: 1. something like that needs a power source- and we are facing a shortage of that as well.  2. where does the water the system makes come from? Would have to come from the air?  Which means that we would be using a lot less water than we do now by just by  turning on the faucet.  Thanks for opening up this very serious topic.  It is something we need to seriously consider. It is a worldwide dilemma.

    • admin August 15, 2021Reply

      Barbara, I’m more than happy to answer your question the water this system gets comes right out of the air after all part of the oxygen we breathe is made of water.

      This isn’t a new thing Barbara United States Navy ships do it daily United States Army and Marine Corps use it in water-deprived areas and yes there is a bit of power to make this system work.

      And if you are having an electrical problem where you stay I have a system for that after all I am a survival/camping website.

      This system is called the backyard Revolution it is the perfect survival electrical system here’s the URL for it.

      This is a very good review on the backyard Revolution, it’s a need to check out if you’re in an area that has electrical problems.

      With this water Freedom system, it makes no difference how dry the climate is or anything like that, like I said earlier water  has oxygen already in it,

      And now you’re not going to use up our oxygen just drawing water from it get water out of the air also as I said before.

      The United States armed forces have been extracting water from the air for many years now, it’s just the systems they use are much larger and more expensive than the ones I’m selling.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Bill Wright 

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